Customizing Blackboard Course Menu

Screen capture of Blackboard Edit Mode when it is turned on.

Blackboard Course Menu provides users access to a course’s content.  The menu items and the order they appear are fully customizable and can be arranged based upon the preferences of the user.

Make sure the Edit Mode is ON before you start.

Below is a short list of the icons and their functions:

  1. Add Menu Items – A user has the option to customize the Course Menu. Mouse-over the “plus” icon (+), and it opens up a list of resources that can be added to the Course Menu.
  2. Drag-and-Drop – The double-headed arrow allows a user to reorder menu items. Click and hold the left mouse button to enable the reordering feature.
  3. Drag-and-Drop – The double-headed arrow becomes a four way arrow when mouse over. Click and hold the left mouse button to drag and drop.
  4. Course Menu Action Bar – These icons allow users to adjust the view of the menu. Click each icon to enable its function.
    • Keyboard Accessible Reordering: Menu Items,
    • Refresh, and
    • Display Course Menu in a New Window.
  5. Action Links – The round drop-down icon allows users to rename, hide or delete a menu item option. Click on the drop-down icon to expand menu items.