Blackboard help

Step 1

Access your personalized Support Center to get on-demand help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week right in Blackboard through Eesysoft. This tool includes over 1000 different tip sheets and video tutorials for the use of Blackboard as well as other LTI tools like VoiceThread. It also allows you to submit a ticket directly where ever you have a question.

EasySoft Question button

Step 2:

Choose the type of help you want which includes:

  1. Click the tip or video to view.
  2. Click “show more” to see additional tip sheet or vidoes.
  3. Don’t see what you need.   Click email to submit a ticket to TechConnection for further assistance. Eesysoft brings in your technical information so you simply need to provide a description.

eesysoft steps

Note: You can move the question mark so it does not block action buttons like submit in Blackboard.   Simply move your mouse over the question mark and you will see an up/down arrows. Move your mouse over the arrows and drag up or down.   The question mark will stay where you put it until you decide to move it again.

eesysoft move