Online Course Development Checklist

Use the links below to submit your completed deliverables for each part of the course development process:

Step 1: Submit your online syllabus for review using the following link as soon as possible after you receive your approval and no later than August 24.

Online Syllabus Form


Step 2: Submit this form to indicate you’ve completed the first four modules of your course for August 28.

First 4 Form


Step 3A: Submit your course map(s) for final approval of the course development.

Course Map Form

Step 3B:  Use the QM Checklist provided to review self review your own course. Here’s a copy of the form:


Mail the completed checklist to to initiate the course review process.


Need course help?  Use this form to indicate you need assistance with uploading or building your course.

LTID Consult Form